MTV just announced that it's giving its sleeper hit, Teen Wolf, a third season — an unprecedented move by the music network for a scripted program. And that's not all. While seasons one and two of the teen werewolf series, starring Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes (pictured), Tyler Hoechlin, Eaddy Mays and Dylan O'Brien, ran for a cautious 12 episodes each, MTV bought a beefed-up, 24-episode stint for Teen Wolf's third time around.

In the spoilers to last night's cliffhanging episode, Derek (Hoechlin) bites Allison Argent's (Reed) mother, Victoria Argent (Mays), primarily due to her efforts to do away with Scott (Posey), reports E! Online.

"The fight between Derek and the hunters is definitely worse after that. I don't think he helped his cause in any way," Hoechlin revealed to E! at Comic-Con on what might lie ahead for the hapless werewolves. "Since season one, I always felt like there's this kind of mutual respect between Derek and Argent [JR Bourne]. I think Derek sees him as a hunter who follows the codes and is honorable and doesn't go against the rules. I think Argent has always seen Derek as a threat, but not a malicious threat in the way that the Alpha was in the first season, killing people unnecessarily. So I feel like maybe that respect may not be there so much after this, which'll be an interesting development. It's never a good thing."

As for Allison, her struggle between Scott and her family will not go away, though recent developments might change its trajectory. "At the end of this season," Reed revealed of her character, "she's got to pull it all back in and re-find herself and ultimately decide if it's Scott or her family; what sides she's going to be on. It's all about trust."

You can catch Teen Wolf Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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