Caroline Schwitzky, a star of 90 Day Fiance, survived a horrific murder attempt by her boyfriend that involved him attempting to choke and drown her on a boat in West Palm Beach, Florida according to authorities.

Witnesses to the incident saw Schwitzky and her reported boyfriend of a year, Cole Goldberg getting into a heated argument on a boat. The fight eventually became physical with Schwitzky attempting to get away from Cole while he repeatedly grabbed and held onto her.

Witnesses saw Schwitzky punch his arms repeatedly to free herself before eventually jumping overboard when she got out. As she attempted to swim to another boat, Goldberg apparently jumped in the water afterward and began trying to push her under the water when he caught up. The most horrifying moment came when Golberg allegedly tried to choke Schwitzky with both hands underwater while ignoring calls to stop.

Goldberg was rebuffed when several people from another boat jumped in the water to tear them apart. It was even reported that they had to use a stick to keep him from approaching them. Schwitzky had bruises on her arm after the altercation. He was booked and charged with attempted murder and battery around midnight on Monday. He was released hours later after posting a $60,000 bond.

Schwitzky, the founder of the modeling agency Urge Talent, wasn’t one of the titular fiancés on the show but she did appear in two episodes to attempt to sign one of the couples Paola Mayfield as a model and get the couple to move to Miami. Here’s an entertaining and awkward clip from her appearance on the show:

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