A dental surgeon in India had to take out 526 teeth from a young boy.

The surgeons said that the young male was suffering from a swollen jaw and had to surgically remove them on August 1.

A surgeon discovered a “compound odontome,” a bag-like mass, in the boy’s mouth.


The mass contained 526 tooth-like structures and varied in size, but each had a crown and root-like structures which gave them the shape of teeth.

“It was reminiscent of pearls in an oyster,” the dental surgeon said.

The parents of the boy said that they first noticed the jaw swelling when their son was three years old, but they did not want him going under any procedures at such a young age, according to Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in Chennai.

The boy, who is now seven years old, was allowed to have the surgery after the parents decided to have him examined when the conditions advanced.

The hospital said it was the first case to be documented worldwide, “where so many minute teeth were found in a single individual.”