50 Cent was arrested in St. Kitts in the Caribbean Saturday after performing a song that called for him to say “motherf–ker” – which is apparently illegal there.

50 Cent Arrested

50 Cent ended up in cuffs Sunday night in St. Kitts for breaking a law pertaining to using profanity in public, according to TMZ. Ahead of the performance in front of roughly 40,000, 50 Cent was reportedly warned about the law. However, the DJ didn’t have a clean version of 50 Cent’s set and the rapper decided to shout out “motherf–ker” despite the risks.

Following the performance, police offers showed up and arrested 50 Cent, bringing him to the local station and booking him on a profanity charge. 50 Cent has since paid a fine for the offense, and was able to head back to the United States.

Making light of the situation on Instagram, 50 Cent captioned a picture of himself inside a prison, “What you in 4 MURDER ?all I said was motherf–ker. LMAO #FRIGO.”

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50 Cent’s rep also responded to the arrest, suggesting that they’ll know better next time: “For future trips to St. Kitts he will leave the motherf–ker in the United States.”

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