Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer released its new song “Want You Back” Thursday.

5SOS’s bassist, Calum Hood, 22, announced the song’s release last week on Twitter.

The group’s last album Sounds Good Feels Good was released in 2015. Since then, the band has been resting and working on its third album. A release date hasn’t been set for the unnamed album, but the band members expressed their excitement for “Want You Back” via a fan newsletter.

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“This song is the perfect stepping stone for the new direction of the band, as it feels more mature and evolved but also sticks to our roots,” lead guitarist Michael Clifford, 22, said. “I think that everyone will be able to feel the new energy and presence that exists within our band now.”

Clifford also said the next album “is right around the corner.”

“We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this record and I think it’s going to show,” Clifford said.

The band’s drummer, 23-year-old Ashton Irwin, named several bands as influences for the upcoming album.

“We have taken a lot of inspiration from bands like The Cars, The 1975, St Lucia and a massive influence sonically from the ‘Ghost Stories’ album by Coldplay,” Irwin said.

Irwin directly addressed 5SOS fans’ patience in waiting for new music.

“Something I have noticed whilst we were away writing and recording is the people that have stayed loyal to the direction of the band and your amazing acceptance of ‘good things take time,’” Irwin said. “And believe me I wanted to release music two years ago, but we needed to slow down and focus on long term things that the band want to achieve in order to keep 5SOS alive and thriving for years to come!”

The band’s frontman, 21-year-old Luke Hemmings, tweeted out new tour dates for the band. They will be traveling to Europe, the U.S., Singapore, Australia, Mexico and Brazil through their 5SOS III Tour.

The band first gained traction in 2012 after Louis Tomlinson, of British boyband One Direction, tweeted one of the group’s original songs.

“Been a fan of this band for a while, everyone get behind them,” Tomlinson had tweeted.

5SOS later ended up as the support group for One Direction on the Take Me Home, Where We Are and On The Road Again tours.

5SOS will officially hit the road again on March 20 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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