In one week, millions will tune in world wide to watch Super Bowl XLVI (or the 2012 Super Bowl for those who don't know their Roman numerals). And of those millions, many will watch less for the football than for the moments that will set the tone for pop culture in the coming year. Does anyone even remember which teams played when Janet Jackson cemented the term "wardrobe malfunction" in the national vocabulary? And somewhere some guy is causing eyes to roll by saying "Wazzup!" for the millionth time. Between the commercials and the halftime acts (and maybe even the action on the field), each year promises something to keep the blogs buzzing. Here are five key events to watch for during this year's broadcast:

5. John Williams: Pimp My Theme Song

John Williams is the composer behind the most recognizable and classic themes in cinema history. He also penned the opening theme for the NBC Nightly News and the network’s Sunday Night Football broadcast, which has aired since 2006. But for Super Bowl XLVI, Williams’ football theme, “Wide Receiver,” will be getting a makeover, and it’s not a classic sound like you’d think. That’s right, the man behind the music for Star Wars, E.T., Jaws, Superman, and Indiana Jones will be rocking the dubstep. NBC commissioned composer Joel Beckerman to produce multiple remixes of “Wide Receiver,” one of which Beckerman has described as dubstep, according to Billboard. The remixes will be used coming in and out of commercial, and the idea is to capture the “epic nature” of this year’s matchup, though we are pretty sure Williams doesn’t need dance rhythms to be epic.

4. M.I.A. and Madonna: All I Wanna Do Is (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) (Bang)

Yes, Madonna will perform in the halftime show. And yes, she follows in a Super Bowl tradition of using well-past-their-prime stars to anchor the spectacle (since 2005, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who have had top billing). But Madonna will be the least exciting person on stage. Rumored guests include LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green. But the only confirmed guest is the one who will bring the best fireworks to the typically lackluster show: British rapper M.I.A. With her fourth album out later this year, expect to hear a sample, most likely the upcoming single, “Bad Girls,” which debuts on January 30.

3. Broderick Reprises Bueller: Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh

Ferris Bueller is back! A brief YouTube video posted this week had fans buzzing at the prospect of a new Ferris Bueller movie. However, the 10-second clip is a teaser for a Honda CRV Super Bowl commercial. Broderick, a long time fixture on Broadway, takes his career pretty seriously though, so expect the commercial to be anything but a cheap exploitation. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the teenage trickster on screen, and we can’t wait to see what the now 40-something-year-old truant is up to.

2. Adriana Lima: Thank You Kia Motors!

What a wonderful juxtaposition! Madonna might reprise “Like a Virgin” during halftime, while the woman who was once the world’s most exposed virgin, Victoria’s Secret’s sexiest angel Adriana Lima, will appear in an ad for the Korean auto manufacturer. That’s right! No more dancing hamsters or wind surfing sock monkeys. Just a supermodel in a cleavage baring swimsuit waving a checkered flag in slow motion. Gentlemen, start your engines!

1. Tom Brady: The Guy You Love to Hate

Wait, there’s a game going on, right? Aside from the commercials and concerts, the action on the field will be a pop culture event as well. Tom Brady, the biggest pop star in pro sports has a chance to avenge a 2008 Super Bowl loss while passing his way into the record books. The pretty boy quarterback for the New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, which ended the Patriot’s perfect season in a thrilling upset. Brady has had a pretty good season this year too. He is in the running for MVP, he is now tied with John Elway for most Super Bowl appearances by a quarterback (5), and with a win in the big game, Brady will sit atop the record books, tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins (4). And Brady is no stranger to celebrity headlines, having married supermodel Giselle. If he wins, the stunning superstar couple can celebrate in the recently completed 22,000 square foot mansion they built in Brentwood, California for over $20 million.

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