Elisha Cuthbert is switching from drama to comedy. The former 24 actress is the new star of Happy Endings, a sitcom premiering on ABC tonight at 9:30 pm., which she claims isn't your average sitcom. “I’m used to seeing what you see–every other thing that’s out there,” Cuthbert told the Toronto Sun. “But there are some surprises here.”

The new show involves a group of six friends who must deal with a wedding gone wrong, when Alex (Cuthbert) leaves her groom at the altar. The comedy apparently ensues when the characters want to remain friends with both the bride and the groom. It seems the 28-year-old actress has had enough with drama, at least for now. “I want to do a comedy. This is my priority,” she said. Now, it’s up to TV audiences to decide whether or not she’s funny.

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