Following a misdemeanor sexual battery charge against comedian Andy Dick, a 2007 video featuring him and Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live! has resurfaced. The clip shows Dick touching Trump’s legs and hair until he was removed from the stage by security guards.

After allegedly groping a woman on a Los Angeles sidewalk in April, the actor has been charged with sexual battery and simple battery. On production sets, Dick has been known to pose sexual propositions and force unwanted kissing and licking on other cast members. He was dropped from an independent feature filmRaising Buchanan, after his sexual misconduct was reported.

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Now, fresh allegations against Dick have also recalled the Jimmy Kimmel Live! video, in which Trump playfully swatted Dick’s hand away from touching her leg.

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“Andy, please don’t touch Ivanka,” host Jimmy Kimmel said. “Donald Trump will kill both of us.”

Minutes later, Dick was dragged off stage by his feet.

After the incident, Kimmel told Extra, “He always makes me a little uncomfortable.”

Seven months ago, Dick shared a screenshot from the now infamous video:

People took to Twitter to react to the video and Dick’s recent allegations:

Additionally, footage from a 2005 Comedy Central roast shows Dick groping Pamela Anderson‘s breasts.

He claimed to be acting like a plastic surgeon, displaying “how well-engineered they were.”

Watch the video below:

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