2 Chainz just released the video for the first single off his new album, “Feds Watching,” featuring Pharrell Williams. The song, though humorously topical, is not about the recent NSA scandals, at least, not explicitly.

In the song, 2 Chainz raps about what all rappers seem to rap about these days – a luxury wardrobe featuring the likes of designer Alexander Wang, and fancy a lifestyle. 2 Chainz declares that, if he’s being spied on, he wants to look good. In fact, the bigger the audience to his excess, the better:

“I’m be fresh as hell if them feds watching,” 2 Chainz raps alongside Pharrell.

The video has also reportedly earned the respect of fans on twitter, who appreciate the inclusion of dark-skinned women.

“I’m glad @2chainz put more beautiful black women in his video instead of the typical chicks we normally see in videos,” tweeted Check Mate, just one of the many supportive followers 2 Chainz has been retweeting on his official Twitter page.

2 Chainz was recently in the news when he was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco in June. His new album, ‘B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time,’ is scheduled to be released on September 10.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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