Mick Fleetwood has been announced as a producer on the upcoming musical drama 13 Songs. The series has received a script order from Fox, a network known for broadcasting iconic musical series such as Glee and Empire.

13 Songs is about fictional rock legend Jasper Jones, who receives a terminal cancer diagnosis at the start of the series. He reconnects with his old band-mates from his old band The Grift, to record a final 13 songs before he succumbs to cancer. Fleetwood will executive produce the series, act as a consultant for the story, and contribute song ideas.

The concept was created by writers Will Reiser (50/50) and Jonathan Prince (Four Weddings and a Funeral). Reiser’s indie comedy-drama 50/50 was based on his personal experience battling spinal cancer.

13 Songs is joining a new slate of musical series being pushed by the network, including the upcoming Monarch, a multigenerational musical drama about a famous family of country singers, and The Big Leap, which was released in September 2021 to critical acclaim and strong viewership.

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