Chicago has been known as the “rattiest city” in the United States for six years in a row. As a result, the city has released 1,000 feral cats in order to control the number of rats roaming around.

Founded in 1971, the Tree House Humane Society came up with the program “Cats at Work,” in 2011. The society believes that it is beneficial for the cats, as they were unwanted by their previous owners and would otherwise be in an adoption shelter and likely euthanized at some point.

Tree House Humane Society said that the cats would not have “thrived in a home or shelter environment,” and that by helping the city with the overpopulation of rats, they can live “their best life.”

The organization believes that it is more sanitary for the cats to be roaming around the city rather than rats.

The cats are neutered and will not put people’s health at risk, as they have been vaccinated against dangerous diseases such as rabies. The cats are well taken care of and are provided with food and water.

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