Ten sharks were found in a basement pool in a New York home.


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said the 15-foot-diameter above ground pool was discovered in the basement of a home in LaGrangeville, a hamlet of Duchess County. The pool contained seven living sandbar sharks, two dead leopard sharks, and one dead hammerhead shark. All were two to four feet long, and one to three years old.

Marine wildlife experts drew blood samples from the animals before transferring them to the Long Island Aquarium in a climate controlled truck. “These sharks were caught off the coast of Alabama, the Gulf Coast,” the aquarium’s Katie Marino explained to CBS. “We can’t put them on exhibit anywhere because if they have some pathogen, that will spread to animals on exhibit.” The sharks will be kept under quarantine until they are deemed healthy.

Darlene Puntillo of the aquarium said that the sharks are “not in good health due to the conditions in which they were found and the transport they initially went through. They are doing great under our aquarist’s care,” she added. “They are all eating and swimming well and our caregivers are target training them [meaning the sharks will learn to come up to the surface to be fed] so that they can more closely monitor how much each animal is eating.”

It is unclear at this time what led to the investigation and thus the discovery of the sharks. No charges have been brought to the homeowners, but an investigations is still ongoing.

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