It’s a 10, a haircare brand with its line of salon-based products, recently launched its new collection for men. The new slew of hair products tailored for men is called “He’s a 10.” The company celebrated this launch with a Super Bowl commercial that subtly trolled President Donald Trump.

It’s a 10 Super Bowl Commercial

The commercial starts out spectacularly, with the voiceover saying: “America, we’re in for at least four years of awful hair. So it’s up to you to do your part by making up for it with great hair.”

Clearly the “four years of awful hair” is directed at the newly inaugurated president. The rest of the commercial only gets funnier. The narrator goes on to add a note of inclusiveness. He says, “And we mean all hair,” then proceeds to list all the types of hair imaginable, including: “his hair, their hair, that baby’s hair, that chest hair, that dog hair, that back hair…all hair”

The commercial ends with a hopeful tone, with the lines: “Let’s make sure these next four years are ‘It’s a 10’ years. Do your part.”

“Now is the time for us to come together. This ad captures the true diversity within American culture – we are all perfectly imperfect in our own way,” said Carolyn Aronson, the founder of the haircare line.

The spunky commercial has already garnered much discussion on YouTube. Some are avid fans; one commenter wrote: “Love your products and I loved this ad. Bravo!” Some are not: “Another garbage commercial going political…… Just added another crap product to my list of ‘never buy’ items.”