The Bachelor brought Juan Pablo Galavis and the remaining women to New Zealand, where some of his relationships blossomed and others lost their steam.

'The Bachelor' Recap

When the first date card is delivered to the ladies at their Huka Lodge suite, they learn that it’s finally DA Andi’s turn to have a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo. Clare is still having a meltdown after her chat with the Bachelor about their extra time in the ocean in Vietnam and wants to know where she stands. Cassandra, meanwhile, is having her own doubts, which she shares with house mom Renee. The two bond over the struggle of being a single mom in the dating word.

Juan Pablo Brings Andi To Hot Springs

In Tuapo, Andi and Juan Pablo are taking a ride on a speedboat. Once they arrive at their destination, they hop into the chilly water and make their way through harrowing crevices in rock formations to a hot spring. Clearly a bit unnerved by the journey, Andi shares with Team Bachelor that Juan Pablo makes her feel safe – a common sentiment among the women. At a waterfall in the “secluded” area, they makeout and Andi wraps her legs around Juan Pablo.

For dinner, the pair sit before a steaming geyser. Ruining the mood, the geyser decides to spray all over them. Andi and Juan Pablo then vacate their seats and engage in a heart-to-heart about relationships and priorities. Yes, Andi has an impressive job, which allows her to buy the things she wants, but she’d give it all up for love. Juan Pablo, ever the romantic, loves this and gives her the date rose.


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Sharleen Gets The Group Date Rose

On the group date are Sharleen, Nikki, Cassandra, Renee and Kat. They head to the hilly town of Rotorua where lunch involves some Ogo fun. For those unaware, Ogo is a giant hamster-like ball that one can hop into – with company – and roll along a winding path down a hill. After the hill games, the women head to the Lord of the Rings-themed Hobbiton with Juan Pablo.

At the shire, Juan Pablo picks Renee for the first one-on-one time. As usual, the two single parents chat about their kids. Renee also tells the Bachelor that she and Cassandra really love that he has a child of his own and is open to dating women that have a similar package deal going on. Next up is Nikki, who tells Juan Pablo exactly how she feels. “I feel like I’m totally falling for you,” she says.

Sharleen, who wanted to have a more serious conversation with Juan Pablo, pumps the breaks when he goes right in for a kiss. She tries to tell him that the process on The Bachelor is “inorganic.” Of course it is. Juan Pablo attempts to sooth her by touting a 'live and let live philosophy' – and then plants his lips right back on hers. Despite the very clear reality that they’re not on the same page, Juan Pablo gives Sharleen the group date rose.

After giving away the rose, Juan Pablo seeks out Cassandra. Earlier in the night, Cassandra opened up about how she was starting to really feel like she had the love to give to someone other than her son, Trey. Her genuine admission of feelings aside, Juan Pablo doesn’t think he can keep her around because they’re at different stages in their lives. After all, she just turned 22. Because he didn’t want her to stay away from her son for two more days when he knew he was going to have to say goodbye to her, Juan Pablo sent her off before the rose ceremony.

Clare & Juan Pablo Reconnect

For his second one-on-one in New Zealand, Juan Pablo selected Clare. The romance is put on hold, however, when Clare decides she needs to revisit the early morning ocean dip and his subsequent chat with her. She feels like the way he went about the situation was poor and that she deserves an apology. Juan Pablo says he was mad at himself for making her cry, which satisfies Clare.

At dinner, Juan Pablo wants Clare to loosen up and put on a pair of sweats and sit down with him by the fire. With the drama behind them, the two appear closer than ever. Clare gets the date rose.

Rose Ceremony

Prior to the rose ceremony, Nikki and Juan Pablo get in some flirting that starts with him mentioning he’s wearing pink underwear and ends with some making out. Chelsie later gets a chance to let Juan Pablo know how she feels, which will hopefully keep her around another week. Kat chooses to use her time with the Bachelor to tell a rather traumatic story from her childhood.

Sharleen, Clare and Andi are all safe with roses. Juan Pablo gives out the remaining three to Nikki, Renee and Chelsie, which means it’s Kat’s turn to go home.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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