The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Although the 21-year-old actor wasn’t highlighted as much as SNL’s recent celeb hosts, he gamely delivered self-deprecating lines and didn’t shy away from the camp.

Josh Hutcherson’s Opening Monologue

“I play Peeta, the brave your hero who immediately gets hurt and has to be carried around for the rest of the movie, Hutcherson quipped in his opening monologue. After mentioning that Saturday Night Live castmembers are big fans of the Hunger Games, Kate McKinnon came on stage as Effie Trinket. Cecily Strong (Katniss) volunteered as tribute and Strong gave Hutcherson a piggyback ride off stage.

Office Boss

Beck Bennett stars in the SNL skit featuring the new player as a boss at a financial firm that moves about like a toddler. While he’s repeatedly referred to as something of a whiz, he ambles about shoe and sock-less, plopping himself down on the ground to eat lunch with a thud. Host Hutcherson is interviewing with the baby boss, and finally impresses him at the end by using jangling keys to capture his attention.

Subway Dancers

Hutcherson – and more specifically his height – was also the focus of a skit in which he played a subway dancer alongside Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson. With is hair squared off, Hutcherson says, “My name is Lil' Peanut, and I’ll be holding this red flag up for reference.” When Lil’ Peanut got lost on the subway, the dance trio found another “lil white dude” to replace him.

Best Buy

Strong and Bobby Moynihan reprised their Dana and Niff roles in the Best Buy skit. This time around, they make fun of coworkers’ phones and birthmarks, and the appropriately named geek squad. The initially funny bit might be getting tired.

Dancing ‘Good Neighbor’

Bennett plays a smarmy club promoter who recruits Kyle Mooney’s dancing neighbor to replace the current dancers. Mooney’s awkward mannerisms are only second to his remarkably unimpressive dance moves.

What's The Rush, Bugs

In a pre-taped sketch, Mike O’Brien plays investigative reporter Winston Sam Bass who's out to find out why bugs are in a rush. “Bugs, where the heck do you gotta be?” Hutcherson joins the sketch as O’Brien’s brother, sporting similarly thick eyebrows.

Girlfriends Talk Show

In Girlfriends Talk Show, Aidy Bryant led the conversation alongside Strong with the “cutest boy in school” Trevor Masterson (Hutcherson). Bryant’s Morgan has a “secret crush” on the false modest Trevor. As for Trevor’s crush, according to Morgan, “She’s a witch with a “b” in front.”

Musical Guest Haim

Haim performed "Don’t Save Me."

Paul Rudd will pick up hosting duties on the next new Saturday Night Live on Dec. 7. Once Direction will be the musical guest.

– Chelsea Regan

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