Downton Abbey returned this week with Anna (Joanne Froggatt) still reeling from the sexual assault she faced at the hands of Green (Nigel Harman), Lord Gillingham’s valet. Oblivious to the actions of his employee, Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) continues to fall madly in love with the widowed Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery).

Anna Deals With Sexual Assault

Anna struggles with accepting that she bears no responsibility for what Green did to her. As a result, she’s walking around ravaged by guilt and with a sense that she’s brought the dirtiness upon herself. Bates (Brendan Coyle) knows that something is up with his wife, but seems no closer to the truth. The rest of Downton also notices that something is troubling the normally good-humored Anna, although, like Bates, no one knows the truth besides Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan).

Mrs. Hughes urges Anna to reveal what Green did to her, so that maybe Bates can have charges filed against the valet. Anna refuses with an excuse in the same vein as those she offered last week, claiming that if Bates knew what Green did he’s likely to take justice into his own hands and murder him. Anna’s temporary solution is to resume living upstairs in the main house.

Mary Goes To London, Refuses A Proposal

Now that she’s come into her share of Downton, Mary wants to know more about the death taxes on the estate. Bringing Lady Rose (Lily James) in tow, she sets off to London. Bored of estate planning, Rose lures Mary to a jazz club latter that night. When Rose’s dance partner gets too intoxicated, she’s swept off her feet by the bandleader, who happens to be black.


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Upon arriving back at Downton, Mary is forced to face the obvious affections of Lord Gillingham. Though they haven’t spent much time together, Gillingham has decided that he wants to make Mary his wife. On one knee, he begins, “I’m sure your dead husband was a splendid chap,” before asking for her hand in marriage. Wisely, Mary refuses, citing their limited knowledge of one another as well as the fact that Matthew (Dan Stevens) died only six months ago. Gillingham handles the rejection reasonably well, leaving open the possibility that their romance might yet evolve.

Edna Tries To Trap Branson

Tom Branson (Allen Leech) unwisely let Edna (MyAnna Buring) slip her way back into his bed last week, and is now facing the consequences. While walking through the halls, Edna presses Tom about how if she’s pregnant he’ll have to marry her. She also transparently states that if they were to marry, she’d become rich by default.

Stressed about the mess he may have created, Tom seeks out the help of Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. Hughes promises to take care of it and is soon meeting with Edna. She tells her to leave Downton, and in return will be able to save her reputation. After all, Mrs. Hughes uncovered some family planning books that would show her plans to trap Sybil’s (Jessica Brown Findlay) widower.

In other relationship developments: Edith (Laura Carmichael) bids the Germany-bound Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards) adieu by giving up her virginity. Ivy (Cara Theobold) and Jimmy (Ed Speleers) go at it in a closet. Daisy (Sophie McShera), who’s still infatuated with Albert (Matt Milne), shows him Ivy and Jimmy in an attempt to move him to come running to her – which is unsuccessful.

Downton Abbey airs Sundays on PBS at 9/8c.

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