The Bachelor brought the remaining three women – Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, and Clare Crawley – to St. Lucia, where they spent some quality time with Juan Pablo Galavis and had their chance at the infamous Fantasy Suite.

Clare Crawley's Date

Clare’s time in St. Lucia with Juan Pablo begins with the couple discussing the possibility of the Fantasy Suite later that night. Since Clare got slut-shamed the last time she spent some after-hours time with the Bachelor, she’s appropriately hesitant before sharing a bed with him. Before she needs to give him and answer, Juan Pablo takes her out on a yacht on which they shoot over to a private beach.

There, Clare and Juan Pablo get into their swimsuits and hit the water before the date moves into the romantic evening portion. Clad in a white halter dress, Clare wants reassurance from Juan Pablo about how the dynamic will be with Camila’s mother, Carla. Specifically, Clare wants to be able to talk to her openly about the situation if they get engaged.

When it comes time to decide whether to stay in her own room or join Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suite, Clare makes the Bachelor work for it. She gives a little speech about how she cares just as much as he does about what Camila might think, and so puts it on him to decide what is or isn’t appropriate for them to do. In the Fantasy Suite, she tells Juan Pablo she’s falling in love with him before they hop into the hot tub. According to Juan Pablo, all they did was chat and cuddle.

Andi Dorfman's Date

Andi’s much-hyped St. Lucia date with Juan Pablo is next. It begins nicely enough, with the two of them strolling through a local village, where they try their talents on a steel drum. Then, they recruit some local kids for a pick-up game of beach soccer. For lunch, Juan Pablo takes Andi to Latille Falls for a picnic, where Juan Pablo tells Andi he appreciated her dad’s forthrightness during the hometown visits.

At dinner, Juan Pablo subtlety questions Andi’s motives. She previous told him that she “badly wanted to fall in love” and he’s worried that could mean that she’s trying to force something with him. Andi tells him he has nothing to worry about – she’s not forcing things with him. When Andi asks Juan Pablo if he thinks she’ll make a good mother to Camila, the Bachelor admits he’s not sure yet, but that he looks forward to finding that out during their alone time later on.

The morning after, Juan Pablo gushes about the conversations they had throughout the night. Andi meanwhile, tells Team Bachelor that her stay in the Fantasy Suite was a “nightmare.” According to Andi, Juan Pablo did all of the talking, and didn’t let her get a word in edgewise. To her, it was clear that he’s too self-obsessed to care about what she thinks, how she feels and anything about her past or present.

Nikki Ferrell's Date

Before Andi can take Juan Pablo to task, he’s scheduled for a Caribbean date with Nikki. The two ride horses to the beach, where they hop of the horses and get down to their swimsuits for some fun in the water.

At dinner, the two appear to be enjoying each other’s company and everything is very low on drama. When the conversation stops briefly, Juan Pablo asks Nikki what she’s thinking about. Even though she’s mentally debating whether or not she should tell him she loves him, she chooses to keep quiet about her feelings for now.

When the third girl of three accepts Juan Pablo’s invitation to the Fantasy Suite, the L-word is finally dropped. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel the way I do. And… I love you," Nikki tells Juan Pablo. "And I think you probably already know that." Instead of saying it back, Juan Pablo lays one on her and Team Bachelor gets out of the way.

Andi Slams Juan Pablo, Leaves

After all the dates are over, Juan Pablo gets personal videos from each of the three remaining ladies. To his surprise, Andi’s video includes an urgent request to meet with him in person to discuss her feelings about what went down in the Fantasy Suite. She tells Juan Pablo that their time in the Fantasy Suite made her realize she wasn’t in love with him. Returning her calm, Juan Pablo reassures her that it’s okay if she’s not in love with him and that he’s happy she was honest with him. Turns out, Andi is not okay, with Juan Pablo being okay.

"I left behind a family and friends and a job, and I missed weddings, I missed things, and I did that all willingly… You saying 'It's okay' comes off to me as you not having feelings." When Juan Pablo tries to explain it’s not a lack of feelings, it’s a lack of a vocabulary in English, she presses further. "You don't know why [I was] nervous about you meeting my family, because all your response is, 'It's okay, it's okay.' Everything's always 'It's okay.' I want to die if I have to hear 'It's okay' again. I can't handle it." She also can’t handle what she considers his brutal honesty. After a lot of back and forth, Juan Pablo escorts her to the minivan, where she lets off even more steam about his lack of interest in her.

Rose Ceremony, Women Tell All

At the perfunctory Rose Ceremony, Nikki and Clare learn that Andi has opted to forgo her chance at the final rose, making the two of them the last ones standing.

Next week, The Bachelor will return with the Women Tell All special, which according to previews, will feature a solid helping of drama and theatrics.

– Chelsea Regan

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