Grey’s Anatomy’s spring premiere, “Take It Back,” picks up at April’s ill-fated wedding to paramedic Matthew, where Jackson confesses his persistent love for her. Because it’s Grey’s, the other doctors’ relationships are all under the microscope as well.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Upon hearing Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) admission of love, April (Sarah Drew) ditches Matthew (Justin Bruening) at the altar and jumps into a car with her best friend from the Mercy West days. In typical April fashion, the carefree running away comes to a halt once she examines her conscience and gets out on the side of the road.

After getting the bombshell phone call from the White House, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has to tell Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that the leader of the free world is requesting his services. Unfortunately for Meredith, a call from the president trumps her research project, which means she might have to cut back at work to let Derek pursue the once in a lifetime opportunity.

The ever-rocky marriage between Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) appears to be nearing its end. Tired of sensing that Callie will always see her as less than what she was before her leg amputation, Arizona tells her it might be time to cut their losses.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who long resented Tucker’s stay-at-home dad role, can’t stand the thought of Ben (Jason George) following in her ex-husband’s footsteps. She’s more disappointed than she can explain to learn that he quit his surgical residency just to be closer to her.

Three Weeks Later

Derek is getting vetted by the White House in order for him to begin his work for the president. They find out that the esteemed neurosurgeon is sending $3500 to Michael Betcher each month, rousing suspicion of a lovechild. Derek confesses the truth of it to Meredith – that he voluntarily sends the check to the family of a high school hockey teammate he accidentally paralyzed. A fake-mad Meredith is in awe of her husband, who’s yet to hear if he’s landed the position with the White House.

Callie and Arizona, apparently having mended some of the fractures in their marriage, are looking to buy a house in the suburbs. While Callie is happy that they’re taking this step together, she’s concerned that Arizona still isn’t keen on staying with her. Arizona reassures her wife that she believes that the house will represent a fresh start for them.

Ben and Bailey also appear to be on better terms, with the former now in a surgical rotation at the hospital and under Webber’s (James Pickens Jr.) wing. Ross, who is distraught after messing up Alex’s (Justin Chambers) dad Jimmy’s (James Remar) surgery, makes the group a trio.

With Jimmy barely holding onto life, Alex calls his dad's latest wife, telling her that Jimmy has already died in the hopes that she’ll come to collect his belongings. Once there, she gets the rude awakening that he’s not dead yet. Going less smoothly for Alex, is his engagement to Jo (Camila Luddington). She doesn’t remember the proposal. Alex walks off in a huff, as Jo puts her fist though a vending machine. A calmer Alex later sits at his father’s hospital bed, speaking kindly to him before he shuts off the machines keeping him alive.

Jackson learns from Leah (Tessa Ferrer) during surgery that by running off with April, he really damaged Steph (Jerrika Hinton) – and affected April more than he knows. Later, Steph confronts him about the emotional blow he gave her, but reconciles herself to be professional during surgery. Though she tries to put their past behind her, it’s not long before she’s contemplating getting transferred out of Grey Sloan Memorial.

In the end, Steph chooses a slightly less innocuous route, filing three complaints against Jackson. Her filing causes a new policy to be set for a vote that will require couples to declare their relationship status – and forbid hospital employees from dating superiors. Little does Steph know that she set in motion Jackson and April revealing that after the abandoned wedding, the pair eloped to Lake Tahoe.

– Chelsea Regan

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