Colton Swon, 25, and Zach Swon, 28, make up The Swon Brothers, the country duo who captivated America on the NBC singing competition The Voice. The brothers placed third and were the first duo in the show's history to make it to the season finale.

Hailing from Oklahoma, The Swon Brothers have been making music since they were young touring with their parents' gospel group. Colton once auditioned for American Idol and quickly found out the show didn’t fit him. “When it got closer time for them to tell the results for the top 24 on Idol, I was really getting sick because it would’ve been awesome to make it but, ultimately the goal is to do music with my brother you know, the rest of my life, not you know a solo career,” Colton told Uinterview exclusively.

While on The Voice, the brothers were mentored by country music star Blake Shelton who gave them the best advice of the season. “If you just be yourself and show who you are and do the best you can you know, if you’re not a big belter singer than don’t do it,” Zach said of his celebrity coach.


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Q: What was your favorite part of working with Blake Shelton on the show? - Uinterview

COLTON: Well, it’s been quite a ride, we never expected to make it so far. All we heard was duos tank on that show and that and they don’t do very well… everyone told us that. Even Blake at first I think was kind of skeptical as to how far we would go, and then America just got behind us and just absolutely blew our minds. And then Blake he just absolutely treated us like a big brother should, and what you see is what you get with that guy — that’s the best way to describe him. He’s real genuine. I mean he still texts us after the show, still calling to make sure everything’s going good. Nice opportunity.

Q: If you hadn’t picked Blake as your coach, who would’ve been your second choice? - Uinterview

COLTON: Oh man… that’s hard to say cause you know Blake’s our boy, if Blake did not exist on the show… we probably would’ve chosen Usher, he was really cool. But Usher, man he just seems really into it, really genuine. I mean all the coaches are genuine, but there’s just something that dude that you can tell he has a great heart. He actually cares where you end up.

Q: What was the best piece of advice that any of the coaches gave you on The Voice? - Uinterview

ZACH: I think the biggest thing that Blake told us from the very start was just come out here and be yourself. If you just be yourself and show who you are and do the best you can, if you’re not a big belter singer than don’t do it. I think that took us a long way, obviously we made it to the finale and there’re a lot of people that were on that show that could out sing us, but I think America and fans wants to see something that’s real.

Q: What was going through your minds during that performance on The Voice with Bob Seger? - Uinterview

COLTON: For me, that was the most nerve-racking and exciting part of the show. You know every week its pretty stressful and you’re worried about getting voted off, but that was the most stressful because that’s Bob Seger, and you don’t want to mess it up. That was for the Tuesday night finale the voting was already done—but that dude came to help us get votes, like he didn’t know that voting was done. When he told us that we were like, ‘Man, you got to be kidding me!’ He’s a great guy and he was worried about us singing more, he was like, ‘Man y’all got to sing more lines, you know we got to get you more votes!’ We really just learned a lot that night in rehearsals with him, he was just incredible.

Q: Colton, you actually auditioned on American Idol before, and got up to the top 48. What do you think about the rivalry between the shows? - Uinterview

COLTON: You know what, for me personally Idol was never really the right fit just because me and my brother had been doing this our whole life together. When I tried out, it was kind of like we didn’t have anything to do that night we were in Dallas and our parents were just like, ‘Let’s just walk over and try out!’ And I’m like, ‘Okay!’ So we were there anyway, and I didn’t really expect it to make it as far as I did on that so when it got closer time for them to tell the results for top 24 on Idol I was really getting sick because it would’ve been awesome to make it but, ultimately the goal is to do music with my brother, the rest of my life, not a solo career. And he feels the same way, we would lose a lot of what’s special about us if we were separate. And as far as format, of course, The Voice is just way better as duo’s are allowed. They just are really great-hearted producers and great-hearted people and we were really, really surprised at the heart of the show behind the scenes. When people get voted off you have producers and production crew crying with you, when someone leaves they literally care and they’re out to make you look the best you possibly can on TV.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you like to collaborate most with on a song outside of the show? - Uinterview

ZACH: For us, it’d have to be The Eagles, man, we love the fact that they can be respected in the rock world and the country world now. It's harmony driven and—we were just talking about that yesterday—that the thing about them the reason they’re still playing after 40 years and are still as successful as ever is because of great songs. And it starts with great songs, and they put a lot of time into writing and creating. They’re a big influence and I think it would be awesome to work with anyone in that band.

Q: What has your life been like since the show ended? - Uinterview

COLTON: It has been meeting after meeting, with just different people like managers, tour managers we’re finding out—getting the details I think it looks like we’ll find a home at a label somewhere. We hope, legally we can't say who and what, when, where, but basically it’s looking good for us man. We thought maybe when the show was over the business might slow down, but it hasn’t at all we have some really great possible tours set up, really great opening spots. All that will be released really soon, but I just don’t want to get myself in trouble and say something I’m not supposed to you know. Blake has opened up some doors we could’ve never got opened. And its going to be a great year for The Swon Brothers I know that!