Ryan Fischer, who worked as Lady Gaga’s dog walker, is now asking for the public’s help to fund a cross-country van trip. Fischer was shot earlier in the year while walking the singer-songwriter’s dogs.

Fischer created a GoFundMe page yesterday that asks for funds to purchase a van and cover other expenses associated with the journey. He explains that the purpose of this trip will be to search for emotional and mental healing processes.

Fischer says that he is two months into a journey that will take six in total, but needs some assistance to continue. He had been using a 1991 Ford Falcon to travel the country while visiting friends, family and other random sites.

“I have set up this GoFundMe page in supporting a van purchase, travel expenses and welcome all input on retreats for trauma throughout the country as well as queer spiritual leaders and healers, and how best to highlight and share with you along the way,” the description of the GoFundMe page explains.

Fischer was shot and assaulted by two perpetrators who also stole Lady Gaga’s three dogs in February. One dog escaped before the other two were eventually returned.

“All that time spent reclaiming my body, I now needed to be equally devoted to strengthening my emotional and mental health. Having that understanding helped me frame what I need from the rest of this sabbatical: getting a van and exploring this country while seeking out communities that support the process of growing from trauma,” wrote Fischer. “For me, this includes retreat centers, trauma programs, queer healers, creatives and spiritual leaders. And I can’t wait to honestly share in the process and heal with you all along for the ride through writings, discussions and quirky videos (and maybe an interpretive dance or two).”

“I love you, and thank you for all the ways you have supported me throughout; I truly can’t wait to see how the next step of this journey unfolds for us all,” concludes Fischer on the page.

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