Olivia Somerlyn, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter, recently sat down with Uinterview to discuss her new single "Better With You," as well as her experiences on tour with the boy band Big Time Rush and Jessie J. The singer bonded with the band over the course of the tour. "Theyíre really fun, genuine, sweet guys who are a nice group of friends," Somerlyn said.

Somerlyn looks to herself and her experiences when working on her songs. "I wanted to write a song that matched my kind of bubbly personality a little bit more, so it's more fun," Somerlyn told Uinterview. "It's about amplifying your emotions and amplifying things that happen to you, turning experiences into real stories."

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Q: What was the highlight from your recent tour with Big Time Rush? - Uinterview

Oh my gosh, its so hard to pick a highlight because there so many different aspects of it. There€'s getting to hang out with, now my friends, Big Time Rush who I love so much, and we became friends over the summer getting to tour with them was so fun. And then there’s being on stage and performing for new audiences and South America and Latin America. The audiences are so enthusiastic so that was so much fun. I played my biggest venue in Mexico City at the new arena. It was brand new and beautiful and such enthusiastic fans. I loved that show. All the shows were so great and that was my biggest show yet, so it stands out. And then, of course, my meet and greets where I get to meet people that I've either talked to on Twitter before or people who are just finding my music for the first time and even just meeting people that wait outside the hotels and airports, they would be in huge groups waiting for us whenever we’d arrive places and it was always such a warm welcome.

Q: Do you get nervous in front of huge crowds? - Uinterview

I think, it’s funny, I get nervous before, I was really nervous the first show on my first tour because opening night was in L.A. at the Gibson Amphitheater where I had seen shows before. And it's hard to perform in L.A. It's kind of the scariest place to perform I’d say, and that was really nerve wracking but as soon as I got on stage, my nerves were totally gone. I think that happens to me my first show of every tour, like when I toured with Jessie J. I was really nervous first night was at the O2 Arena, so that was really nerve wracking. Luckily, she had two shows there so we got to do it again the next night. It was a lot more fun when I wasn’t nervous. But I feel like my first show of each tour I get really nervous and then after that I’m fine because I feel comfortable. I don’t know why even though I’ve done it before, each tour feels like a whole new thing.

Q: Does Big Time Rush have any secrets that would surprise their fans? - Uinterview

Well, it’s hard, because I feel like they are really what they seem. They’re really fun genuine sweet guys who are a nice group of friends. It’s what I expected before I met them. They’re all really funny in their own way, everyone always asks me who’s the funniest, but they’re all so funny in their own way like Logan would be walking by my dressing room about to go on stage and he’s in the mic going. ‘Olivia Somerlyn. Olivia Somerlyn’ - like doing his little vocal warm up. It just cracked me up, like they’re always doing little funny things like Carlos likes to pick on me, you know. Kendall is always like, ‘Olivia you’re saying sorry too much like - don’t apologize!’ Because you know how girls sometimes - me, in particular, it's like, ‘Oh I’m sorry, oh I’m sorry’ he’ll always pick on me for that, and they’re all just so fun. I love them all. I don’t know what will surprise people, because, like I said, they are what they seem, they’re just fun sweet guys.

Q: What was your inspiration for your new single? - Uinterview

Well, it's called "Better With You." It's on iTunes, and it's on one radio station right now, hopefully that will spread to more. It'€™s on a Vermont station, so people in Vermont, have been so awesome requesting it and stuff. People from all over the world even just tweeting the station to support it. I appreciate it so much. It was inspired, I just kind of write songs on the piano because that's my instrument of choice, and so they tend to lean more ballad than more melancholy, but I wanted to write a song that matched my kind of bubbly personality a little bit more, so it's more fun. It's guitar-based and it's about anyone in your life that makes you feel better, makes your life better and so it can be friends, family, pets. All of those people inspired me to write that song. But now it's become more about the fans for sure because I get the fans to sing along, and it's just so much better with them.

Q: Where do most of your song ideas come from? - Uinterview

Well, writing is so important to me and before I ever started touring or performing I was writing and recording for like five or six years before I kind of came out from behind the stands so that will always be very important to me - to write and record my own music and the inspiration definetly comes from my life - my life experiences and I sort of feel like it's about amplifying your emotions and amplifying things that happen to you and turning experiences into real stories whether it's something small you have to sort of make it a bigger deal for yourself to make it into a real compelling song. So I feel like have to really dramatize my life events even stories that my friends tell me about their lives - or even characters in books and history and TV shows and movies - that can really inspire you, even an interesting word that you hear someone say or you find yourself using can inspire me, too. I have found that that inspires me I have a little list of things on my iPhone that I really want to write about, especially with all these tours I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write. I have all these words and phrases that I would just love to write and hopefully I can sit down and write soon.

Q: What are your plans for this Spring and Summer? - Uinterview

My plans are to finally sit down and hopefully finish that album, and I would love to do that and hopefully see "Better With You," which is my single have more radio success, be able to visit more radio stations and encourage people from all over to request it at their radio stations once I can reach out to different radio stations. And hopefully the fact that that station in Vermont, I’m so thankful for now that they’re playing it hopefully other stations will play it, too.