She made our jaws drop with her skimpy boxing music video "Yummy," and now Meital, full name Meital Dohan, the Israeli comedian/actress/singer, is back with the buzzworthy single "On Ya," featuring platinum recording artist Sean Kingston. The trailer (below), which was directed by RayKay, the famed director behind Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" and Justin Bieber's "Baby," sees Meital as provocative as ever, flinging her thong at us as she turns to make out with — well, you'll see. The multitalented artist, who has been hailed as one of the five emerging stars to watch in 2012, is currently working on her first solo album I'm In Hate With Love with LMFAO producer Rami Afuni and Dr. Dre producer Che Pope.

But the busy Meital hasn't entirely abandoned her acting roots — she returned this season to Showtime's Weeds for the 100th reunion episode, "The Botwin Family," in which she resumed her role as Yael Hoffman. Hailed as "a younger, prettier, blonder Rosanna Arquette" by The New York Times, Meital has also starred in the dramatic thriller Monogamy, alongside Rashida Jones and Chris Messina, and can next be seen in horror feature Foreclosure, alongside the revered David Costabile and Michael Imperioli.

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Q: The video for "On Ya" with Sean Kingston looks like a lot of fun. What was it like to film it? - Uinterview

It was a lot of fun. I learned to be a gymnast in four days, and realized that I want to be a gymnast. All these tricks, and it's like I'm really doing it, and all these stunts. No double. So that was a lot of fun, Sean was very sweet. I was happy to shoot with him.

Q: How was working the director, RayKay? - Uinterview

RayKay is a great director, so it was nice to do the shoot and feel that I'm in safe hands. It was a very positive experience. I think he's very talented, we developed the concept together, and it was fun. We collaborated on everything.

Q: How was the collaboration with Sean? Were you in the studio together or was it one of those instances where you guys were on different coasts putting it all together electronically? - Uinterview

We met a few times, but we had the song already recorded and we played it to him and he came in and did his part. It was great, he's very down to earth, a very modest, sweet, hardworking person. So I think it was a real connection, and I really like him.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about what you have coming up next? - Uinterview

I started performing and I have my first show tomorrow in New York, then I'm performing in L.A. I'm also working on a few movies, and there's another TV project in development.

Q: Are you bummed that 'Weeds' is over? - Uinterview

It's a great show, and every good thing has an end, but it is a phenomenal show, so I'm very happy and feel privileged that I had the option to have been a part of it. I was back on it for the 100th episode, but now the show is over.