Lupe Fiasco joined in on an argument between rappers Kid Cudi and Drake on Friday. Fiasco called Cudi a “disrespectful clown,” along with making comments like “F–k Cudi” and “He needs to get his a– beat” on Twitter.

Cudi retaliated by tweeting “Say it to my face, pu–y.” The argument started after Drake made a song taking shots at Cudi which will be featured in the MoreZ Life album. The song is called “Two Birds, One Stone,” and has Kanye West as a co-writer.

Fiasco was criticized for entering the argument, but he still maintained that Cudi deserved it.

Lupe Fiasco Kid Cudi 4

The rapper questioned why Cudi was even responding to Drake while in rehab. Fiasco said he had “no sympathy” for Cudi. The two have been enemies for a long time, since in 2014 Cudi called Fiasco out on accepting money to write personalized verses for fans.

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