Charlotte Sometimes, The Voice contest who turned four chairs in the blind auditions, gets personal with Uintervew taking fan questions on her album Circus Head and the disease she battled with when she was young.

At age 14, Charlottte was diagnosed with condylar resorption, a rare disease that eats at your jaw. The disease didn’t stop Charlotte’s singing career as she adapted to sing with a fragile jaw. Since correcting her disintegrated jaw, which stole two of her ribs in the painful process, nothing has changed in her singing. “I don’t think they necessarily change my voice, I have a weird pronunciation. I had to move my mouth around strangely because I had to work with what I had when my bones weren’t really there. I had to be more creative when I sang.”

Since debuting Circus Head over a year ago, Charlotte had been working on a new EP that is set to release soon.

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Q: What was your inspiration for Circus Head? Specifically Paint The Sky. I really love this song. Thanks! Amy - Madison, WI - AmyMorgan

Circus Head is myself, I am a circus head, people invited me all the time. I thought it was a good title for what it is I feel inside all the time. On “Paint the Sky,” I was really head over heels in love with this guy. My last love letter was kind of asking him if he was going to step up and be the man that I need him to be and the answer to that question was no.

Q: If you can collaborate with anyone alive of dead who would that be? - AndreaAquiningoc

Probably Eddy Gifford. I would love to work with him.

Q: You released Circus Head about a year ago, is there a new album in the works? - SallyEastwood

I’m going to be releasing a new live EP, that comes out in a month or so.

Q: You were on The Voice season two. How did being on the show and working with Blake Shelton impact you as an artist? - CindyFrick

He made me believe in myself for the person that I am. I was always apologizing for being me. He always told me to be myself and that was good enough.

Q: Have you kept in touch with Blake since the show? - Penny

Not so much. I did for a little while, but he is a busy man.

Q: What influence you most when you are writing music? - mindy

Probably love and anxiety — those are the two strongest forces in my life.

Q: What are the most played song on you Ipod right now ? - MikeHoward

Cold October by Escondido is being played on repeat.

Q: How much vocal training did you receive and how much of your voice comes naturally - SallyLouiseWalton

I think you perform with your voice when you learn how to use it. I’ve been taking vocal lesson since I was 15 so about ten years of hard work.

Q: You had jaw surgery when you were young. What happened to you and did it affect your signing voice? - elstano

My condylars, which are the bones that hold your jaw together disintegrated, so my whole face fractured they took two of my ribs broke them in half replaced them in my jaw. No, I don’t think they necessarily change my voice, but I have a weird pronunciation. I had to move my mouth around strangely because I had to work with what I had when my bones weren’t really there. I had to be more creative when I sang.

Q: You got your stage name from the children’s book Charlotte Sometimes. Why did that name and story stick out to you ? - Dominicans2

I think because the girl got trapped in time and had to be someone else. I feel like we all feel that way, she also found herself in this person she thought she was. I think to myself there are a few people inside everybody who represent who you really are.