Performing is second nature for R&B group B5 — made up of brothers Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan Breeding since they have grown up singing and dancing together. This summer, B5 are the opening act for the current Backstreet Boys tour. Brothers Dustin and Kelly spoke exclusively with UInterview to answer some of their fans' questions — especial on their romantic life. "We currently are single. We're dating and moving around," Dustin told Uinterview exclusively.

B5, who previously went by group names TNT Boys and Audio, have been performing as a family since 1998. They changed the name to B5, short for Breeding 5, to honor the Jackson 5 after youngest brother Bryan joined the group in May 2012. The brothers, whose ages range from 16 to 22, were born and raised in Kansas before moving to Florida and then Atlanta, where they have resided since 2001. So how do they come up with their signature dance moves? "We just kind of get a feel for the sound and try to make up moves that help people understand the actual song," Dustin told Uinterview.


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Q: How do you guys come up with the choreography for the video? Curious to know how the thigh rub move came about. - RealSMichelle

We just kind of get a feel for the sound and try to make up moves that help people understand the actual song.

Q: How long did it take you guys to learn the choreography? - carmenamador

I think we had to rush that one — 6 days.

Q: Are you single? - MoniqueJoseph

We currently are single. We're dating and moving around.

Q: Carnell or Bryan may you take me on prom next year in May?! I'm so serious(: - chimdimarcus

Q: Would any of you ever date a fan? - carmenamador

I guess it depends on the fan. You know, if she's cool and we're talking and she doesn't act like a fan all the time, then yeah, that could be possible.

Q: Do you guys like making music? - Cruz654Arielle

Q: What are you guys most proud of right now in your guys careers? - randolphsara

A lot of things really. Yeah, the fans and creating great music, and giving the fans a chance to hear it. Just the fact that we've stayed together for so long, that's something that's really good and something to be proud of.

Q: What is your favorite song to perform? - MeMyselfnMena

We talked about this before the interview, we don't want to give that one away. We want you to see the shows!

Q: What are the few items you can not leave home with out?-Alisa O'Neill - Alisa

Q: why was you bands name changed from tnt boyz, b5, to audio, back to b5? what is a group decision or management? - RodelyDestine

Q: When are you planning on releasing your next album? - RodelyDestine

We don't have a date for that yet but we're thinking sometime hopefully next year.

Q: what's going on with dustin's solo career? - RodelyDestine

Q: If you had only one day left to live how would you spend it and who would you spend it with? - ShakiraArryrial

Q: Can you guys spill some secrets about each other? - RodelyDestine

I don't know. That's a really good question. Not everyone's here right now to answer that question. Carnell and Bryan are out in the studio recording and Patrick had something he has to do real quick. We're all actually getting ready for rehearsal, so I don't know if we can get everyone to answer that question.

Q: What is one thing or a couple of things you guys can NOT stand? -Alisa O - Alisa

Q: What's the new album called? Will "single" be on the new album? Can you guys do a secret show in Atlanta? What's one song you get ratchet to? What's the dumbest question have you ever been ask? - PookieAmber

Q: What's the new album called? Will "single" be on the new album? Can you guys do a secret show in Atlanta? What's one song you get ratchet to? What's the dumbest question have you ever been ask? - PookieAmber

Q: Out of all the artist in the industry I feel like you connect the most with your fans on a personal basis. And believe me I love it!! But why do you feel it is imporant to connect with us as much as you do? - ShakiraArryrial

Q: What was the most inspirational thing that somebody has said or even said to you? - Alisa

Q: Say Yes is such a great record!! It hit the scence and fans went wild!! Can we expect the same feeling with the other tracks on your new cd when it drops? - ShakiraArryrial

Q: When will you all start touring? And will you all ever come back to Arkansas? - Kewi2012

Q: How long did it take you guys to get the dance for Say Yes? - Alisa

Q: How did u guys come up with the idea for say yes and what was it like seeing the reaction form all the fans. When they saw it. - ShereeJenellMooreBrown

Q: You guys have grown up soo much, what is the one thing you hate about growing up or miss about your childhood? -Alisa O - Alisa

Q: Patrick why dont you tweet like u use to and why carnell never be on for real? - alexluv

Q: What have been your biggest challenges during your career? And where do you see yourselves in 5 years? - Virgie Fields

Q: Will you guys ever let your fans ever create an design a shirt for yall - alexluv

Q: And im still waiting for patrick carnell an kelly to see my art of them - alexluv

Q: How are you guys doing? My question is can you Pleaseeeeeeeee Check out My "Say Yes" Cover at :) #FanSince05 - SierraVerNee

Q: If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick? - NeeNeeAshiyrel

DUSTIN:To wake up in the body of somebody else? Wow. It would probably be... I don't know. That's a really great question. KELLY: I would want to be Superman. DUSTIN: You'd want to be Superman? [laughs] I'd like to be whoever the richest man in the world is. Just to kind of see what that lifestyle is, to have limitless money.

Q: Hello, how is everyone? Let me start by saying I have been a fan ever since 2005! I met you guys in Arkansas in 05. My question is can you pleaseeeeeeee check out My "Say Yes" cover at and tell Me what you think! Thanks Love you! :) - SierraVerNee

Q: Since there are 5 of you, how easy or hard is it to come to an agreement on things that involves the group, such as music. - ShakiraArryrial

It's kinda crazy but everybody, we always have different opinions about things. So if we don't, it can end up as a voting thing. We kind of just suck it up.

Q: On the upcoming album, which brother did the most song writing if any at all. - MiyuriNorris

Q: Do you guys listen to any artists from the UK? - JessicaBeatrice

Q: What's the best memory of your career so far? - DanayeJordan

Q: Will you guys do a dance contest like the one you did for Hydrolics, where the fans dance to say yes and the fan that does the dance the best wins? - Ronisha

I don't know. That's a good idea. We are thinking about doing something similar to that in the future. We like to do things like that, contests. Whenever possible.

Q: At the bsb concerts in Texas will you guys meet any of your fans? - Ronisha

Q: Do You Remember Your 1st Kiss ? When And Where - TrillKayy

Q: How long did it take to record say yes and put it together? - Ronisha

Q: Why did you guys pick 'Say Yes' to be the first single to come out this year and not another one? And was it a hard decision to make? - TashairaSRankin

Q: Will you ever do a dance contest for your fans to get a chance to be one of your backup dancers? - StephyTacury

Q: When you will start touring again? Come to Orlando, Florida please! :D - StephyTacury

Q: What advice would you give to an upcoming singer? - amoyduncan1

Q: #1 I wanted to know how do you all stay so positive and upbeat when it comes to sharing new ideas on song lyrics or different beats you want to put into your music. ? #2 Kelly how would you describe each one of your brothers in one word and who do you get along with the best among your bros. Also what inspired you to pursue art and writing? #3 Dustin how do you deal with rumors or lies if they ever come up about you or your brothers do you believe them or not. also iv'e heard this one rumor about you about to become a dad or something but i don't believe it cause i don't think it's true so how would you handle situations like it if rumors were been circulated about you or your brothers. also you and bryan seem really close seem to have a close bond are you guys best friends - ShanteeShirley

Q: what is the meaning behind say yes? - amoyduncan1

Q: What Artist Would You What To Collaborate With And Why ? And Who Would Be Your First Pick ? - Jaylonna

Q: Being biracial do you guys consider yourselves biracial? - Superarts

Q: will you guys come to fresno califorina for tour - porsche

Q: Hey fellas what made u write the song - MSMARIAH1994

Q: In the near future what do you want to be accomplished and will you do another collaboration with Bow Wow? - TamikiaWhitfield

Q: What is the most weirdest thing a fan has done or given you? - TamikiaWhitfield

Q: Do any of y'all have kids or want any? javascript:void(0); - TyeishaMurphy

Q: What prepares you all when you're about to do a show/appearance and do you ever get nervous?:) - breedingfiveUK

Q: who has a girlfriend ? be totally honest . - mmmmmmarh8

Q: how ya been lately ? - mmmmmmarh8

Q: Dustin is true that you have a son ? hows everything btw? - mmmmmmarh8

Q: Do you guys ever feel that it is hard to make new friends or start new relationships with people with you guys being the great entertainers that you are? Is it often that you all might feel that it is hard to trust the new people that enters into you guys lives? Now time for album talk. What influences are you all thinking about when creating the new album?...other than Michael Jackson lol. - AshleyM

Q: Would You Guys Every Come to Mississippi and is it True that you have GIRLFRIENDS Lol ♥ - Kaylaaaaaa

Q: Do you know when you will have shows or appearances in the Chicago area? - MeMyselfnMena

Q: Hi my name is Cookieserenity I like 2 ask u why you changed your name back to B5? Good dat u did cuz I missed the old name - EricaMentor

Q: when are you guys coming back to new york?! and will you being going on your on tour anytime soon? - SymoneJade

Q: Hello, Guys How are you? I have Two questions!!! Let Me start by saying I have been a fan ever since 2005. I met you guys in 2005 at Power 92 radio station in Little Rock Arkansas, when you guys were on the Scream Tour! ok to the questions Can you please check out My "Say Yes" cover at and tell Me what you think..Second question is well, My B~Day is Dec 7th and if you guys go on tour or something,can you pleaseeeeeeeee come to Arkansas and send me Back stage passes???? LOL :) LOVE YOU!!! Xoxo - SierraVerNee

Q: Did you guys write 'Say Yes' or any other songs on this upcoming album? - MellaBella2

Q: What routine do you guys do before going on a show? - TamikiaWhitfield

Q: We've seen you grew up in the music business and after taking this long break you guys came back with this amazing single and video. Over the past few years you perfected your craft, however what are some of weaknesses in the studio or on stage that you're still working on ? - b5miamistreetteam

Q: HI my name is shequita .. i want know to when yall come to CT ? i want meet them again... I REALLY LOVE THIS SNOG SO MUCH ! HERE MY EMAIL IS thank yall :) - ChiquitaBayee