Aaron Carter, the teen sensation behind "Do You Remember?," is ready to hit the road once again on his next tour. With his upcoming album set to be released this summer, Carter is trying to fit everything into his tight schedule. “I’m going to be recording a lot while I’m on the road,” he told Uinterview exclusively. “It’ll be fun.”

Carter, 25, the younger brother of The Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, started his performing career when he was only seven years old as the lead singer of the local band Dead End. After opening for the Backstreet Boys in 1997 with a cover of The Jet’s “Crush on You,” he earned his own record contract. “Crush on You” was his first released single. His first full length album, Aaron Carter, was released later that year. In 2000, he debuted his album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). Carter has also appeared on TV as a guest star on several series such as Disney Channel’s Lizzy McGuire.

Carter began starring on the Off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks in 2011 as the play’s central character Matt. “I’m going to miss the people I work with in The Fantasticks,” he told Uinterview, “but it’s been a great experience because it actually got me that prepared for what I do best, and that’s performing.”

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Q: How do you feel after leaving the Fantasticks? You’ve been there such a long time. - MichelleLauren

It’s great, Michelle. I mean obviously, I’m going to miss the people I work with, but it’s been a great experience because it actually got me prepared for doing what I do best, and that’s performing. I love to perform, so this was a great segue for me getting back out on tour. I’m really happy about the experience I’ve had and I’m sad about it, but there’s more happiness involved.

Q: I’ve seen you pick fans to come up on stage to sing to them, will you be doing that in this tour and if so, how do you pick the girl? - ToniIrwin

Well, it depends on who I see, you know? If I see my fans, I start talking to them, if I get a good vibe from them, I’ll let them know right then and there, or if I see a cute girl in the front row, you know. But yeah, I will definitely be bringing people up on stage. In every single show, I’m going to sing “I’m All About You.”

Q: I will be seeing the tour on March 21st in Michigan. I'm extremely excited to see you. My question is..... are there any plans to record your shows along the tour for a future DVD release ? - TroyCousino

I’m going to have somebody filming a documentary. I’m going to be releasing another movie. I’ve done a couple in the past, a couple of tour movies and we’re going to be filming a lot of stuff for the new one.

Q: Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with? - SarahMichelle22

Umm, I would love to collaborate with Justin Bieber. I think he’s in the middle of his transitioning right now, into adulthood, and I could have a few things to show him. There are a few things I could teach him. Maybe teach him some interesting moves or something.

Q: What are you most excited for about this tour? - daniiirouuu

I’m most excited to see all my fans and to truly being able to do what I love. I love to perform and I love to sing to girls, so I’m just really excited to get back out there and seeing all the pretty faces, kind of see how my fans have grown up over the years; who I’m going to remember, what faces I’ll remember.

Q: What’s the craziest fan moment that you’ve ever had in your experience? - Mouchitta

Oh, I’ve encountered a lot of crazy moments. It keeps getting crazier each time. I think the craziest moment I had was probably, I was doing a show somewhere, charity show, and all of a sudden there was a fan in my bedroom, standing on the top of my bed. She tried to basically propose to me. I don’t know how she got in there. In the room! I was like, 'Oh man.' In Brazil one time, a girl climbed up like 35 balconies to get to my room because I was throwing paper airplanes out the window. I’ve had some crazy stuff.

Q: Do you prefer performing on musicals or singing your own songs on stage? - samay727

Oh no, performing my own songs. I mean that’s what I do. That’s what I love to do, mostly.

Q: When will the new album be released? - ava5yurchison

The new album should be released within the summer, we’re planning for summer so I’m going to have the tour going. I’m going to have to be recording a lot while I’m on the road. It’ll be fun.

Q: What’s the most amazing thing you’ve seen while on tour? - Mouchitta

The most amazing thing I’ve seen on tour... I saw a locust [storm] one time. I think it was in Kansas, somewhere in the Midwest.

Q: When you've been on the road for a while and you start to get tired, what keeps you going? - ACStreetTeams

I think just the energy from my fans. The fans’ energy, their love, that’s really what inspires me all the time anyway, it’s the fans. They’re the ones who have kept me going as it is anyways, without having to even be on tour.

Q: Would you like to record a song with your brother Nick for your new album? - cristyperez92

This whole plan right now, I mean, I bring it up to him every once in a while, but he’s so busy doing his own thing, so I’m just going to focus on me right now. It’s ok, I can always just imitate him and put him on the record and say it was him.

Q: Throughout the years, what’s been your favorite song to sing live? - daniiirouuu

My favorite song to sing live is "Do You Remember?" I love it! It’s a really great song and I’ve had a great response from it. It’s awesome.