Tom Cruise is a Cancerian sun sign, which belongs in the element of watery emotions and feelings. He was fortunate enough to be born with the fixed star Sirius with his sun, which brings good fortune throughout life, and the results of that are self-evident! Also aligned to his Sun (in a harmonious grand trine formation) are the planets Neptune (which rules films) and the planet Jupiter, which rules expansion and growth. Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces and is currently being transited by Neptune, which will benefit him in several ways; his film career will continue to flourish and grow, as he might start to turn his attention to producing films that have more of a legendary or mythical quality about them; maybe sea-faring or traveling themes might feature. His natal Jupiter in Pisces is also conjunct Chiron, the planetoid that represents the wounded healer; this indicates that he might have insights into faith or belief that are more profound than ever before. He is someone who probably understands what the collective consciousness of humanity needs at this moment in time, and is very likely, over the next couple of years, to make films that reflect that inner wisdom.

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