The news this week is ‘Sir’ Mick is going to be a father for the 8th time (and it’s his birthday too). Mick Jagger is a proud and majestic Leo sun sign, which in his chart is conjunct the royal Jupiter and also Pluto planet of dominance and power, so put these together and you have the Royalty of Rock’n’roll. These three planets are in the 3rd house of his chart which gives bearing to being the front man to his group he’s closest to, his band. His ascendant is in Gemini, which makes him forever young, springy in his step and lithe. Gemini rising is also the singer. Interestingly enough his ruling planet is mercury and this is where his prolific procreation skills can be found; his Mercury is in Leo (the sign of children, especially the inner child) and conjunct his IC angle, the 4th house of family and emotional bonding. So it’s almost as if he can’t help siring many offspring! Of course to back all this up he needs the wherewithal in resources and his personal fortune is estimated to be more than £180 million UK pounds. One of the planetary indicators for this is his Moon in fertile Taurus, amassing a fortune can be quite easy for people blessed with this well aspected Earthy moon.

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