Idris is a Virgo sun sign, who are known for their ability to ‘sort out the wheat from the chaff’, that is to say, deciding what is and what isn’t useful, and ideally, eliminating the latter. Thus Virgos continually strive for perfection, using selection and prioritizing as well as analysis. In Idris’ horoscope, he also has Mars in Virgo (a tight Sun/ Mars conjunction) which indicates he is particularly motivated to use his skills and technique (as an actor). This exacting and meticulous approach to his acting roles makes him better and better as he goes along, so his film roles will get more and more prominence. This next year, now Jupiter is in Virgo, will see him get excellent opportunities to expand in his career, backed up by challenging squares from Saturn (hard work) and a mythical dose of the planet of films and imagination, Neptune in Pisces, which is gradually opposing his Sun/Mars over the next few years. All in all, Idris needs to keep flowing with the changes, improving himself every step of the way and soon enough he will be considered a legendary mega-star.

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