Even though Zac Efron is a charming and pleasing Libra sun sign, when looking at his chart, one of the more obvious other planet placements is his Venus and Mercury conjunction in Scorpio with the power player Pluto. Mercury/Venus is the sweet talker but with Pluto there as well, then there is an added depth charge of intensity and emotional seductive power. The beneficial planet Jupiter has just recently changed signs into Scorpio (where it will stay for the next year) and is now transiting his Mercury/Venus/Pluto combination. This will most likely bring him further commercial success, as all three planets are in the career point of his chart (as long as he doesn’t argue with his business handlers) but it will also most likely bring him a potential love relationship. There is a possibility that the relationship he next chooses will be a particularly erratic and excitingly liberated one, as the planet of great awakenings, Uranus is currently transiting his natal Jupiter, which in turn adds to the Jupiter effects already happening elsewhere. To put it another way, he certainly isn’t in for a quiet year (especially around his local neighbourhood).  Actually he would do well to focus more on what he can do with work in 2018, rather than too much playing around. Whatever happens this next year, he will massively sober up in 2019, when Saturn crosses his ascendant.

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