Rita is a Sagittarius sun sign, known for their far reaching enthusiasm and beliefs. Sagittarius like to travel and philosophize about the meaning of life and often have a strong faith. Rita has Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius as well, and it’s the Mercury there that has given her a singing voice of success. Her Venus, planet of love and relationships is currently being ‘transcended’ by mystical and dreamy Neptune, so she might have found holding onto relationships quite a challenge in the last couple of years. Neptune is often challenging, but on the bright side of things it has connected her to the collective, and thus she is being sought out for her presentation skills on talent shows. In 2017 though she will most definitely be heading back to the studio, as when Saturn conjuncts her Mercury next year, she will work hard on at singing again (and probably an album and a tour), and establish further success and fame as a result.

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