Rihanna is a Pisces Sun sign, and therefore can be known as being “one of the dream team”: a visionary, attuned to being emotion-led, poetic, artistic and needing to express her fantasies and imagination. She has been able to take this creativity and turn it into success because she also has several planets in Aries, the fiery pioneer. Her natal Moon and Venus in Aries give her plenty of motivation and drive, and with Jupiter in Aries too she is the sort of woman who expands under her own steam and has a philosophy based around her. The other personal planet to mention is her Mercury in Aquarius which indicates she is a forward thinking and free thinker who is communicating a higher vision.

However with several fire planets in her chart she needs to know when to take it easy so she doesn’t become too excitable or burn out.

Looking ahead and she has transiting Saturn soon to conjunct her natal Mars in Sagittarius (November and December 2017), which most likely means putting a lot of work into another world tour, but it will also demand she put the brakes on a bit.

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