Priyanka Chopra has a Cancer the crab sun sign, known for their closeness to family as well as being acutely conscious of their feelings and natural ability to be nurturing. Establishing a home base which also becomes an emotional base is important for them as roots mean everything.

Priyanka has created herself a stunning career starting as Miss World and developing that into film & television acting. Her chart shows many ‘cardinal’ planets which help make her personality have plenty of initiative and get-up-and go.

She is very close to her family, still living in the same apartment block as most of them, but the one question on many people lips is, will she get married and have children? Now she has turned 35 years old, she must be thinking this herself as well. She has a difficulty placed Mars, it sits detriment in Libra, and in between the two malefics of Saturn and Pluto, and so her desire nature is weakened by this. As well as that she has Venus planet of attraction opposite to Neptune, which makes relationships somewhat confusing or blurry. This is also further challenged by Uranus the planet of freedom, conjunct her 7th house cusp of marriage, which most likely draws her towards partners who are probably unreliable. So this is why she keeps her personal life private, understandably so.

However transiting Uranus is about to change zodiac sign soon into Taurus, and when it does, it will oppose her natal Jupiter. This is very likely the time she will ‘suddenly’ choose a marriage partner, or find a man to have children with. So all eligible young bachelors the world over need to be ready for her to make her choice in 2018 (or the first few months of 2019)…!


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