Novak Djokovic is a Gemini sun sign, known for their alertness and quick intellect; they have a rational mind and strong sense of logic which enables them to grasp a situation or subject quickly. Gemini also rules the hands, so Novak’s Gemini tendencies have helped him become a (the?) global champion in the sport of Tennis.

As he is now at his 30th birthday then the planet affecting him the most will be Saturn, the planet of consolidation, and he is currently having his ‘Saturn Return’, occurring for everyone from ages 28-30. Saturn will be testing him for his ability to be responsible for his future career and vocation after Tennis. In his birth chart he has Saturn in the 12th house (where it is considered ‘in its joy’), so it is likely he is enacting some progressive and interesting plans, without being too public about them. With Uranus currently heading towards his 4th house, then he is very likely to be in the middle of putting much of his financial resources back into his family and his home country Serbia. It would appear that he has a clear vision of restructuring his foundations in a creative way. He also has the rejuvenating and transformative planet Pluto crossing his ascendant, which is likely to want to give him a completely new role in life, quite possibly a future politician or United Nations ambassador?

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