Melania Trump is a Taurus Sun sign, who are known for their persistence and perseverance. A naturally stubborn attitude means that she finds it difficult to change once she is involved in something. So although she might be incredibly unhappy in her marriage to the Donald, she feels very stuck. On the flip side to this, Donald Trump most probably totally relies on her stabilizing, practical and grounded approach, so much so that she cannot leave him. Besides her life is now indulgent, luxuriated and materialistic, all things that make the bull feel very comfortable and at home.


However looking ahead to later this year and into 2019, then Melania should prepare for some big changes. The planet of unexpected surprises Uranus is changing signs into Taurus, where it will stay for the next seven years. Melania has no less than 4 planets in Taurus (Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury) so she needs to be ready for one heck of a roller coaster ride.

The first aspect to occur for her is when Uranus makes an opposition to her Jupiter in Scorpio; this is due to occur on or around May 25. This could be the ‘wake up’ call for her to then make her own sudden moves, which she is likely to do on or around Oct. 26 and through to Nov 1.

This Uranian earthquake in her life sets the tone for a complete change from 2019 onwards, with a strong focus on travel and the use of her resources.

However because she is so ‘stuck’ in her ways as a member of the Trump family, it could be that she finds she is drawn more personally into the Mueller probe, at which point she might rapidly press the eject button claiming herself (and her son) to be outsiders.

One thing is guaranteed; she will gradually become more eccentric and unconventional as time goes by, with a peak point in June 2019, followed by another surprise in late September thru mid-October 2019.

Uranus can act as a breakaway and freedom seeker and she might do any number of things, including enacting a daring escape (for example a private jet plane to Europe with a set of designer luggage stuffed full of U.S. dollars). Uranus tends to make people do things they least thought they’d ever do…

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