Lily Rose Depp is a Gemini sun sign (like her dad, Johnny Depp) so she has all the sparkle and curiosity that he’s known for too. Her Gemini Sun is in the 7th house of her chart, that of marriage and relationships, so eventually she’ll really shine when she finds the right partner to compliment her. Recently the planet Neptune has crossed the base of her chart which indicates her deepest emotional needs. This point also represents the father, and with Neptune there, then it’s no surprise if she’s been finding her relationship with her father difficult. Neptune might be causing her to experience disillusionment (with him).  When it comes to her work, she should have plenty of exciting offers as Uranus has recently crossed over her Jupiter, so this has provided her with some unique and special projects. In the long run, Pluto is soon to oppose her Venus, which will make a powerful change to the way she wants to partner up and relate to others.

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