Kristen Stewart has an Aries Sun sign, and Aries Suns are known for their enthusiastic independence and a lack of patience and moderation. Aries can also be courageous, brave and direct and like to be the first. They will display a selfish temper if they don’t get their way.

To balance this out, Kristen has her moon in Libra, the opposite sign to Aries, which means she craves harmony and relationship — a companion to share all her feelings with. This combination of planets (Sun opposite moon) means that when she got her fame, she related directly to her co-star and got very involved with him.


This year, Kristen has the planet of testing, Saturn, making a difficult challenge to her Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity. She is likely to have issues around her personal resources and how she uses her money. This is further exacerbated by Saturn in her eighth house, which indicates some hard lessons will be learnt. Later into the year and on into 2019, the Saturn boundaries will directly affect her relationships, and legal issues might arise which will need to be sorted out.

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One of things she can do is to keep herself very busy and be involved in several projects at once — perhaps by keeping an overly full schedule, she won’t have time to dwell on other things. She has a strongly placed Aries Sun, which means she won’t do things in moderation if given the chance.

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