Kim Jong Un is a Capricorn sun sign (he is the younger son of Korean dictator Kim Jong Il who died in 2011) and as his father expected, he took the mantle of responsibility and continues to be the authoritarian communist leader of North Korea. Capricorns make good leaders because they have a strong sense of duty and tend to believe in tradition and order.

Looking at Kim Jong Un’s chart there is a strong theme of control, with his Saturn in emotionally intense Scorpio along with his moon, he likely has very repressed feelings, that are devoted to keeping his homeland together (with his North Node in Cancer the Crab).

However the zodiac sign most associated to communism is Aquarius, and Kim Jong has three personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aquarius. So essentially he is naturally unconventional, idealistic and aloof, detached and a bit odd. The Mars in particular can be coldly dispassionate in pursuit of his vision, the perfect placement for a dictator.

He currently has dominant Pluto conjuncting his Sun, and as Pluto rules nuclear, then it’s no surprise to see in the last month his testing of a missile.

It is also interesting to note that his elder brother has just been poisoned at an airport. In astrology siblings are ruled by the 3rd house, and in Kim’s chart, he has Neptune (which rules Poison) currently in his 3rd house.

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