John Hamm has a Pisces Sun sign, making him sympathetic and impressionable, perfect for being an actor. Pisces are also known for escaping and mystery and they can be one of the most compassionate and kindly people but must be careful to avoid magnifying small problems into major ones, or letting their imagination work negatively against them. John has most of his planets in ‘mutable’ signs, which tends to indicate his life is full of changes, variations and adaptions. With so much flow in his life, he has to get used to shifting course and direction much of the time. Except for his Venus in fixed sign Aquarius, which means he’s good at sustaining a relationship. During the rest of 2017, he has testing planet Saturn conjuncting his Mars in Sagittarius which indicates he needs to slow down a bit, as Saturn is also making tense squares to his Sun and Mercury, which means he’ll want to settle into a new work project or commitment, to consolidate his Golden globe win for best TV drama actor in 2016.

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