John Cena is a Taurus Sun sign, known for their immovable strength and stability, as well as stubbornness and an overall dislike of change (but not progress). Taureans also are known for their appreciation and gratitude and enjoyment of the physical senses. All these attributes could, in a roundabout way, be applied to a wrestler, but it is the position of Mars, the fighter, which makes John who he is. Sure enough Mars is in an obvious and stand out position, what is known as ‘angular’, closely aligned with John’s Midheaven (career and vocation point of the chart). So ‘winning’ has been of great importance to him. He also has Venus the planet of relating, in Aries, which is not a happy place for Venus, but clearly indicates opponents in the ring. Over the last few years, the outer planets have been aspecting his career planets, drawing him towards the successful television and film career he now has.

With his Mars currently being squared by transiting Saturn, then John would be advised not to over-exert himself. A Venus retrograde is also playing out at the moment and he is about to get a Venus return, so a particularly important relationship might surface from eight years ago to remind him about certain aspects of his life.

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