Jennifer Lawrence is a sunny and proud Leo sun sign, the natural born actors and drama types of personality, and she shone in such a way as to get originally noticed at the age of fourteen. It appears the world is her oyster, having already won an Oscar, but one of her biggest lessons in life will be to manage and control the issues she has around ‘having’ money and resources that others ‘don’t have’ as she has Saturn in her second house of her chart. This is likely to manifest in the next year or two as a lack of confidence in terms of her own inherent value (strange as it seems). So she might well be very philanthropic, and generous to needy causes; however, she has a strong Mercury in its own sign of Virgo, on her midheaven, and this will continuously see to her being offered excellent career acting roles.

The current eclipse in Leo is in the ninth house of her chart, so she might well find some very interesting foreign or travelling work into 2018. With her sun in Leo, also in a T-square to Pluto and Mars, she might well find herself often in action film roles where the goal is to ‘survive’ against a powerful enemy. This could also see her in future acting roles where she plays parts in which she pulls through traumatic incidents. Expect to see her excel in other movies that have similarities to the Hunger Games- dystopian worlds or sci-fi scenarios.

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