Gwen Stefani has a Libra sun sign, known for their considerate nature and their strong social sense. Libras like to please and be pleased and tend to recoil from injustice and disharmony. Gwen also has a sensitive and emotional moon in cancer the crab, which makes her need to create relationships and partnerships, although with its opposition to her Mars in Capricorn, then although she loves relationships, she can also find them a place of conflict and struggle as Mars asserts itself over her emotions. This however is a driving factor in her life which has led her towards success. Now Saturn is soon to enter into Capricorn and cross her ascendant, she will arrive at a point of reckoning in relationships during 2018-2020, and most likely comes to terms with the value she places on a partner.

In the meantime Uranus the great awakener is due to cross the base of her chart, her deepest emotional needs, in 2019. This could well leads her to a surprising change of residence and location, a move abroad, or to a new and modern home that has an eccentric style to it.

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