Ciara was born under a Scorpio sun sign, which will tend to make her emotionally intense and determined, particularly when setting upon a goal or an achievement. She was also born with her sun (self-awareness) conjoined with Pluto (extremism and power) in Scorpio. This power is most likely focused on improving social conditions as she has a significant social consciousness, and is probably very intolerant of unfair circumstances and injustices. She will contribute to society with her assertiveness and competition for better rights. This year 2017 into 2018) the beneficial planet Jupiter is travelling through Scorpio, activating all the planets she has there so we can expect a ‘transformation’ from her; maybe a new style to go with her music, but also quite possibly something that benefits a lot of the people within her larger social circle.

With her natal moon in Pisces, Ciara is a sensitive and empathic woman, who feels deeply about the world around her, and will be moved to using her influence to make substantial changes. A lot of this need for change comes from her experience of being a mother, and knowing how she has to bring her children up into the world the way that it is.

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