Bruno Mars has a Libra Sun sign, known for their ability to charm and be pleasing, along with a central core ability to relate. Bruno also has Mercury the planet of the voice (the singer) in Libra which helps him sing love songs. Mercury is boosted by his Venus & Mars conjunction in Virgo, which makes his singing pure and perfected as well as seductive. His moon in Leo ensures that he has to be seen and has a need to perform, as well as to play! His joyful moon in Leo is also square Pluto in Scorpio which might tend to make him intense and emotional, and therefore its best for him to follow creative pursuits.

Although he has multiple platinum albums and singles, he still has to cope with a strict Saturn in Scorpio which most likely gives him a compulsive control structure- with a possibility of a fear of being consumed by something bigger than himself (i.e. the world, or a global fan base). This Saturn makes him a resourceful and determined worker, and as Jupiter crosses over it in 2018, and then he will have opportunity to release some deep hurts, which, as Saturn makes a square to his ascendant, could be to do with his appearance and his body.

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