Taylor is a Sagittarius Sun sign, known for their love of exploration and travel, and in true Sagittarian style, she is about to embark on a world tour. Her Sun is the only planet in Sagittarius, however, and the rest of her personal planets are in Capricorn and Aquarius. Taylor has her Venus (planet of love and values) in Aquarius, which shows how she is good for attracting a group or community around herself. Her legion of fans call themselves ‘Swifties’ and applaud her for writing her own original material and performing live like a true rock star. She has well publicized challenges in relationships, but by looking at her horoscope much is revealed. Over the last couple of years, her sensitive moon in Cancer has been challenged by Uranus and Pluto, which has promoted her to global superstar status. At the same time, her sense of comfort and ability to relax might have been compromised. These uncomfortable moon transits are now entering their last year, so she’ll be able to gradually return to a calmer emotional life soon. The upside of this is that the inner turmoil gives her great material for songwriting. Lucky Jupiter is in Cancer this year, and will make an opportunistic alignment to her Moon in February and March 2014. This could well see her decide to make a move to a foreign location or residence for a while, to absorb culture and find inspiration for more writing. A close friend will bring her to ‘another home’ for a while, which she will enjoy very much. Her upcoming world tour might well help her find the right place to relocate to.

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