Scarlett is a fiery Sagittarius sun sign known for their enthusiasm and optimism. She also has her moon in deeply passionate and emotional water sign Scorpio, which has helped her to become one of the leading global sex symbols. Other planets that have helped her popularity grow are her Venus and Jupiter conjunction, which bestows gifts of charm and charisma. This last year has seen her get married for a second time, which coincided with both Pluto and Uranus making powerful alignment to her Venus, the planet of love and relating. She is soon to experience her Saturn return, which will help her make some serious decisions about her career and ambitions. This is also backed up by a big change in her ‘progressed’ horoscope, as her natal sun in Sagittarius is about to change zodiac sign into Capricorn (February 2014), where it will meet her progressed Neptune (exact in March 2015). This is a time for her to slow down, contemplate and reflect. Connecting to nature will be very soothing and an artistic project, spiritual retreat or philanthropic activity will be the perfect means to explore her softer side. Whatever progressed changes occur over this next 18 months will have a long lasting effect on her life journey.

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