Ryan is a Scorpio Sun sign, which shows that he is determined and persistent with a subtle intuition that seeks the truth. His Sun is conjunct with the unpredictable Uranus, which heightens his self-awareness and makes him want to focus on progress while staying free and unique. A certain child-like charm can come across from Ryan due to this influence. His Venus, planet of relating, is in her rulership in the sign of Libra, adding to his ability to charm and harmonize with others (very good for an actor), although it is in a tense aspect to his moon in Capricorn, which can cause problems in relationships because it is a challenge to form close emotional ties due to the responsibility they bring. This Venus/Moon aspect is going to change over the next 3 years, as both Pluto and Uranus align to it, which will most likely propel him into an intense relationship – the like of which he would never have experienced before. This next year he has to get used to the challenge of Saturn on his Sun in Scorpio (at the beginning of January, May and October 2014), which will see him bear up to certain limitations, largely based on previous decisions in the past. He will have to be strong and bear the challenges with fortitude, and continue to focus on work projects and generating resources.

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