Roger is considered one of the world’s top five Tennis champions, and not surprisingly, this is confirmed in his horoscope, as he is a Leo sun sign. Leo sun signs like to dominate and be masters of whatever they put their creative will towards. Once they are on the throne, Leo’s pride and confidence often ensures generosity as well, and he is known for philanthropy and supporting several charities. However, all Leos are currently going through testing times as Saturn, planet of restrictions and limitations, is soon to be putting tension and hard challenges onto him. In his natal horoscope, he has the Moon in Scorpio, and has a tense aspect between his natal sun and natal moon (that contributes massively to his determination to develop himself as a tennis star). The first challenges will be in the last week of October, leading through to the third week of November when he is likely to be recognized for something to do with short journeys, local people, and communications. Saturn is in the third house of his chart, pushing him to take things more seriously and organize his life and travel differently. Into 2014, and Saturn conjuncts his moon three times, which will most likely make him short on his feelings and emotions. At times, he might start to think he’s travelling too much and would like to take things a bit slower. This will eventually see him wanting more space and freedom.

In the meantime, his Mars, the planet of competition and conquering, is getting tense aspects from Pluto and Uranus, which will boil down to him changing his career for something else that may well have the home and family as the central goal to achieve.

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