One of the most important indicators in a horoscope is the interpretation of the Moon. Robert has the Moon in Cancer, the Crab – a watery emotional sign of which the Moon is the ruler that’s placed fortuitously. However, his Moon is hidden in the 12th house of his chart, the area of secrets and hidden matters. This indicates, his family pre-dominates as he seeks out an emotional base to feel comfortable. With the 12th house position, he is likely to feel lost in a sea of emotions and might find the boundaries between his own feelings and the outside world are blurred. This is very good for acting and ‘feeling’ his way through a character’s role, but even though he is young and has the whole world wanting to party with him, it will feel better for him to find a quieter place to reflect on things, particularly after his recent relationship split. The powerful planets, Uranus and Pluto, are currently making extremely testing challenges and tense alignments to his moon, which could easily upset him this year and into next year. Uranus is pushing him to break away from previous emotional ties, and Pluto is demanding that he eliminate certain reactions and responses to be replaced with wiser insights pertaining to relationships. From looking at his chart, which has several planets in emotional water, particularly a good Jupiter placement, he might one day look towards some sort of faith or belief to help him understand his extreme sensitivity. Meditation will give him the inner guidance to fathom complex relationships and help maintain a successful career.

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