Penn is a Scorpio sun sign, known for being strong-willed and self-contained with a talent for probing. Scorpios like loyalty and total involvement and can’t stand indifference or superficiality. Penn has four planets in Scorpio, so is likely (in his private life) to come across as intense and determined. These last two years, Saturn has been transiting through Scorpio, bringing some truths to the Scorpio parts of his personality and it is likely he has experienced powerful emotions based around jealousy, possessiveness and obstinacy, but all this has given him great understanding of life’s ups and downs and will help him immensely in dramatic character portrayals. Saturn is soon to conjunct his Mercury (planet of thinking), which in Scorpio naturally gives him very deep and systematic thought with a desire to get to the root of the problem. Between now and September 2015, he must focus on completing tasks one at a time and avoid pessimistic or discouraging criticism or sarcasm.

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